Cheap Hotels in Phuket – How Good Are They?


When planning a holiday in Phuket, the first step is to look for a decent but reasonably priced hotel. Cheap hotels in Phuket are offered in abundance for all types of travelers.

Phuket’s growing popularity as a tourist destination has led to the construction of many hotels in all price ranges. Now for tourists visiting the resort of the island, the choice is many – from luxury resorts with every facility provided to minimalist hotels for the budget traveler.

The definition of a “cheap hotel” is different for different travelers. For many, a cheap hotel simply means a room to stay like in a hostel or guest house. However, for travelers with families, this may not be convenient. According to the desired price range it is possible to search for a hotel in Phuket. It can be done either before landing in Phuket, or even after arrival.

If “cheap” means paying about $ 20 a night, online booking agents offer the best bet. Sometimes, if you’re incredibly lucky, it’s even possible to complete a theft deal for less than $ 15 a night. Most of them are 2-star hotels suitable for families.

When “cheap” means dirt cheap, hotels in Phuket offer less than $ 10. These are decent places, concentrated on the road of Phang Nga and on the road Ranong. Even the popular beaches of Patong, Kata and Karon have cheap accommodation. In the low season, some of them even cost $ 5. These rooms are not to be admired, but are good enough to stay for a few days. Many low budget travelers choose these cheap hotels in Phuket because of their low prices.

Cheap hotels in Phuket do not necessarily mean that you will end up with low-level amenities and services. Sometimes good hotels offer incredible discounts to entice guests during the off-season.


Source by Pasit Kapilakan