Cheap hotels in Cook Islands


This is a self-governing group of islands. This wonderful place is located in Polynesia. It is located in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Hotels on the Cook Islands are plentiful in the area because there are many visitors who want to see its beauty. Tourists and locals choose to spend their holidays here because of its warm, friendly and relaxing atmosphere. In addition, this place is sometimes called “Hawaii Down” because it reminds older visitors to the island of Hawaii when it was still underdeveloped. In the area you can find cheap hotels on the Cook Islands, which are ideal for both holidaymakers on a budget and for tourists looking for a memorable adventure.

Apart from numerous budget hotels, there are also many interesting places that can make your stay more pleasant and interesting. This site is divided into 2 regions, namely the South Cook Islands and the North Cook Islands. The southern part is composed mainly of hilly and volcanic islands, as well as several atolls. The main base of the southern area is concentrated in 2 main tourist destinations, which are Aitutaki and Rarotonga. On the other hand, the northern part of the Cook Islands is closer to the equator and has low coral atolls, which are also known to tourists. It is also in free association with the country of New Zealand.

Cook Islands, cheap hotels

Tianas Beach Villas – This particularly cheap accommodation is located in the South Pacific. It is located in a piece of sand in the southern part of Muri beach. It has 5 very attractive villas or associations that are located away from the road, so it creates a relaxed atmosphere. Located directly on the wonderful beach holiday. This hotel has an “adult only” policy, so this can be a good holiday destination for couples and newlyweds. Laundry services and basic amenities are provided free of charge. People can enjoy kayaking and other fun beach activities. The beach bungalows cost around NZD 150, while the studio costs NZD 120 per night. This is considered one of the cheapest hotels.

Kia Orana Bungalows – This budget Cook hotel is located on a scenic beachfront. It is located at the southern end of a small village called Arorangi within the west coast of Rarotonga. It has 4 bungalows located on family land next to the beach. It is only 12 minutes from the airport. This is also one of the best cheap hotels.


Source by David Urmann